Namo Buddhāya! Dear Venerables, faithful Buddhists and Dhamma relatives, warm welcome invitation!
December 27th 2023: CELEBRATING SANGHAMITTĀ DAY AND THE BHIKKHUNI LEGACY 5-7:30pm IST India/Sri Lanka time
All Bhikkhunīs, bhikkhunī supporters and well-wishers from around the world are warmly welcomed and invited to join us online LIVE on ZOOM or YOUTUBE LIVESTREAM on December 27th 2023 "Celebrating Sanghamittā Day and the Bhikkhunī Legacy".
❁ Associate Professor Anna Halafoff (Australia)
❁ Venerable Bhikkhunī Tathālokā Mahā Therī (Dhammadharini, USA)
❁ Venerable Bhikkhunī Dhammanandā Mahā Therī (Thai Bhikkhunis, Thailand)
❁ Professor Asanga Thilakaratne (Sri Lanka)
❁ Venerable Seewali Mahā Thero (Maha Bodhi Society of India )
❁ Professor Diana Cousens (Australia)
❁ Dr. Praveen Rajkobal (Australia)
❁ Moderated by Ven. Arya Bodhicitta Theri (UTBSI, Australia)
✤ Opening Chanting Venerable Santinī Mahā Therī (Vihara kusalayani, Indonesia)
✤ 5-5:10pm Welcome Address by Ven. Arya Bodhicittā Therī
✤ 5:10-5:25pm Keynote Speech by A/Prof. Anna Halafoff
✤ 5:25-5:35pm "Emergence of Bhikkhunīs: Legacy of Sanghamitta in the Spread of Buddhism" by Ven. Tathālokā Mahā Therī
✤ 5:35-5:45pm "Emergence of Bhikkhunīs from Historical Origins to Contemporary Times" by Ven. Dhammanandā Mahā Therī
✤ 5:45-6pm "The resurgence of the Bhikkhunī Sāsana, with emphasis on the significant contributions originating from Sri Lanka" by Prof. Asanga Thilakaratne
✤ 6-6:15pm "The Role of the Sri Lankan Bhikkhus in the revival of the Bhikkhunī Sāsana by Ven. Kalupahana Piyaratana Thero
✤ 6:15pm-6:25pm "The revival of the Bhikkhunī order in the late 90s" by Ven. P. Seewali Mahā Thero
✤ 6:25-6:35pm "Perspective on Buddhism" by Prof. Hao Wei Min
✤ 6:35-6:50pm "Successes and challenges of the Bhikkhunī Sāsana" by Dr. Diana Cousens
✤ 6:50pm-7:05pm Discussion and Q&A
✤ 7:05pm-7:10pm Summary of key takeaways of the conference by Dr. Praveena Rajkobal
✤ 7:10-7:20pm Vote of Thanks by Ven. Arya Bodhicittā Therī
✤ Closing Chanting Ven. Bhikkhunī Ariya Sumaṅgalā
DATE 27 Dec 2023
TIME 05.00-07.30 p.m IST (India/Sri Lanka Standard Time)
ZOOM ID: 829 3451 0431 Passcode: UTBSI
Available live on YouTube